Uncle Marc – R70

In 2022, Marc toured South Africa, Namibia, London, Australia and Dubai with his show UNCLE MARC.

Cape Town’s favourite comedian talks about going into his fifties and having to deal with the fact that random strangers are suddenly calling him “uncle”.

All of this drama aside, he is determined to go into this “uncle chapter” of his life sexy as hell, at whatever cost.

UNCLE MARC was filmed at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa.

UNCLE MARC is not suitable for children.


written and performed by Marc Lottering
Directed and Produced by Anwar Mc Kay
Pihotography by Zhan J. Solomons / @zhann_j
Filmed by XCON FILMS

Another One – R40

As performed at Spier Wine Estate on 29 August 2020. Performance includes Sign Language Interpreter

This was my second lockdown shown.

Mercifully we were allowed 40 audience members. I shall never take take a live audience for granted, ever again.

My Fellow South Africans – R40

As performed at Penny Lane Studios on 13 June 2020.

Performance includes Sign Language Interpreter.

This was the first show I performed during lockdown. Virgin territory. I was completed unprepared for the deafening sound of no laughter! You can probably feel my mad anxiety during the first 20 minutes or so. But I think that I eventually calmed down.

Stand-up comedy to zero audience is no joke 🙂