Hallelujah! (1 day)


HALLELUJAH! is Cape Comic Marc Lottering’s hilarious one man show which has kept theater audiences in stitches, right around the country.

This time around, Marc gets up close and personal with various issues relating to the modern day church. Lottering’s funny and familiar characters also make an appearance. Antie Merle from A Belgravia Road shares her views on undertakers while Smiley the taxi dud explain how it came to be that he went directly from church to jail.

Other favourites include Galatia Geduldt, Colleen the cashier, and Lottering’s newest character, Pastor Brandon, who is a firm believer in the laying on of hands.

HALLELUJAH! has been n omiated for both a Fleur du Cap and Naledi Theater Award, and has been directed by David Kramer.