Aweh Level 4

Awê ma se kinnes!




Hello Level 4.

This one has hit me much harder than the others. Having said that, I’ve always been somewhat of a late bloomer. (Told my first joke at 30). But really, yesterday’s family meeting just left me feeling somewhere inbetween “I’m at peace” and “wtf”. I’ve just been out to buy toilet paper and anti-ageing cream, essentials mos and my comic heart sank when I saw empty coffee shops and restaurants. People’s lives have been truly screwed, with no lube.

It’s in my nature to not linger in a dark corner for too long. Which is a good thing when you consider what I do for a living. So I will more than likely come into the light now-now. I look for the positives because I’m told they’re always there. Let’s see: no crazy traffic with shockingly idiotic drivers who catch up on whatsaap messages while changing lanes; no having to see people who you were never ever in the mood to see, even outside of a pandemic; no more standing at a full bar where the barman can see everyone friggin else except you!

I lie. I miss all of those things. That’s how horrible this pandemic is. Delta se ma se pa.

Hang in there.

We were meant to make a special announcement last week, which has been postponed to this week. I’m not lying I swear. Nice news coming on Friday. Kasam.

One Love,