Drama Drama


I really should not be surprised. Of course it had to come to this. There are now two camps in the family whatsapp group: those who will take the vaccine, and those who won’t.

I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t see this coming. Silly me thought everyone who had matric with exemption would jump for the jab. Verkere Bus Meneer Lottering! (Wrong Bus, Mister Lottering!) Even family members who speak really well have shocked me with a “TOTALLY NOT TAKING IT!”. Thankfully some of these bravehearts are debating the issue with more than just “NO! ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS ON FACEBOOK SAID THAT HE HEARD THAT THE JAB WILL KILL YOU”.

A few days ago I saw clips of a big group of unmasked people with placards walking on Sea Point Promenade chanting MY BODY, MY CHOICE. For me, it was hectic to watch. They looked like normal people with good jobs and houses and stuff.  And yet…there they were.

And yoh, people are ready for a debate hey. I’m the worst person when it comes to having to have a debate. I just like to believe in what I believe and I find that life is way too short for me to have to explain to you why I believe what I do. My whole spirit just breaks into a heavy sigh when I realize that I may have to explain my thought process to a total stranger. And so, often in a company, I could actually come across as not being too bright. I’m sometimes even aware of the fact that some people, on first meeting me in a social setting may be thinking:” shoo he’s shockingly dull.” But that’s fine. ‘Cause usually when I speak my mind, I get paid. So ja.

These past 2 days have reminded me of a principle which I have adhered to for most of adult life: sometimes a person must know when to hou your bek – you have to know when to bite your tongue. I’m not going to publicly battle with anti-vaxxers.

My decision has been to go with what my trusted GP tells me to do. And if in a few years down the line, I suddenly grow a penis out of the middle of my back, well…more of me to love.

I raise a level-3 glass to all of us. Best of Luck with whatever you decide.