Or Aweh with a “h”.

I don’t know, the spelling debate around that wonderful word will flippin’ continue until after I’m dead. But whichever way you choose to spell it, I say welcome to my brand spanking new website.

(For my international visitors, aweh, pronounced “ah-where”, means hello. It can also mean “I agree”. But let’s not get carried away here. For the purposes of this message, it means hello).

I intend to take you to a happy place every time you pop in here. My thoughts, my funny stories, my little video clips featuring my characters, will all be posted here. You’ll also be kept up to date re new show details, and what I’ve been getting up to in order to pay the rent at my rented Atlantic Seaboard spot.

So spread the word kanalla.

Everything MARC LOTTERING will officially be found here.


Marc Lottering