Puppy love

It’s Tuesday today and I think that I seriously need to start doing one of these stories every Monday. Just so we can get into a pattern of sorts and so that I can share fresh fabulous details pertaining to my weekend. Because I actually had a kwaai weekend, well one part was really kwaai and another part was, how shall I put it…“eventful”.

The great part of my weekend was that I got to experience ABAGUQULI, a non-profit outfit empowering the youth in a seriously real way. Forty graduates from Elsies River made my heart swell with pride. The ABAGUQULI training program essentially gets our young people ready to work and flourish within the much talked about 4th industrial revolution. These are young people who have moved from “you’re just not good enough”, to “you think you know me but you don’t”. My words, not theirs. The doors have been shut to them previously but Aasiyah Adams who heads ABAGUQULI has ensured that the doors of opportunity be opened to them one more time. They have been given another shot and they have grabbed it with eager capable hands.

ABAGUQULI is the website you absolutely have to visit if you are in a position to employ dynamic young people with brand new skills who deserve a chance.

Well that happened on Friday. Saturday morning was all about zero skills. I took my dog Hamilton to puppy training class, his first one. A total mess. In the car, I begged him to please not embarrass me. (Stopping short of adding “in front of the white people”). He looked at me with his angelic puppy eyes that said “are you seriously giving this speech – I adore you master, let’s go”.

That dog proceeded to act like he had never seen me in his life before. Even I eventually started to believe that I had obviously kidnapped him from a petrol station an hour before we got there. He behaved like a total gangsta, zero fucks to give pardon my French, but if you were there you would totally understand. The trainer eventually goes: “take him for a quick walk shame”.  All I could think was, her over dinner that night to her friends: “you know the comedian with the hair? ja that one with the big mouth, he can’t control a puppy to save his life”.

When we got into the car, I looked Hamilton square in the eye and mumbled TSEK. I’m almost sure I heard TSEK MA WEER.  Stay tuned for what happens in puppy training session 2 on Saturday.

And oh oh OHHHH I have some amazing news to share laterrrr this week. You’re in for a nostalgic treat. Check in here on Thursday again kanalla.

One Love,



Unofficial glossary:

Tsek – piss off

Tsek Ma Weer – no, you piss off.


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