Vicky’s new song

Awê ma se kinnes
It’s been a crazy week. This week saw the media and radio release of Vicky’s song THIS ISN’T ENOUGH. I wrote the song after a glass or two, or three. But there were ice blocks involved, so it’s more than likely two glasses. Disclaimer: The song is not about Anwar and I – ALLES IS ORRAIT BYRRIE HUIS! 🙂
The song does indeed speak to an important issue: the decision as to whether you leave a toxic relationship or not. Thus far, on social media, in terms of how people have been responding to the song, I’m seeing the word “WOW” a lot. I’ve also been seeing the word “GOOSEBUMPS”. Which I’ve now learnt is not hyphenated. (There you go. Nou wiet jy oek. You will never leave this site not having learnt something).
On a very serious note, if you are reading this and you are in a relationship that you know for sure is not good for you, one number you can call 24/7 toll free is lifeline 0800 012 322.
This is a big thank you for the love and support received for the song thus far. It’s available to purchase on all digital platforms.  Please support our local artists.
OK I need to go now. Need to buy more candles. For loadshedding, the bad kind. I mean seriously, can the person who pushes the loadshedding button at Eskom just go back on sick leave already.
much love – stay lekke – stay safe